Digital Products University: A Proven way to build a $500 - $6,500/week online business.

Digital Products University
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Do you also want to start an online business that pays you $500 - $6,500/ Week, anywhere in the world; even in your sleep?

...February is my first $1k+ month online

"...almost hitting $2k in sales"

"...crossed $1,000 in sales.

Using Digital Products University you will build a $500 - $6,500/week online business in any niche. It can be;

• Mindset

• Nutrition

• Diet

• Health

• Fitness

• Productivity

• Supplements

• Personal finance

• Cryptocurrencies

• Investing

• E-commerce

• Coding

• Dating

• Trading

• History

• Culture

• Relationships

• Seduction

• Politics

• Social skills

You have what it takes for this; - Free access to billions of people on the Internet daily.

- Access to high quality information daily.

  • And you also have a smartphone/laptop

You see you have what it takes? Then you only need a few hours every day, 3-4 hours, to start a profitable home-based business.

The harsh truth remains, anything can happen and you want to be in a position of safety. You need to have a lifesaver,

That is why Digital Products University has been prepared specifically for you. Maybe you are still thinking this is not for you

But hold on...

You saw Annette and others above? She is a mother, others are employed, and I am a dad

You, on the other side, might have better chances for this. You can agree with me that what worked for me and others can work for you the same way, and it can be better.

Because you have this chance to learn from the masters,

Probably you are not yet a parent, and still at school. You are trying to figure things out and it looks impossible, in a way.

Worry not because this is still the program for you,

You are behind your computer/phone screen looking for a surefire way to make money online...

But you feel like you don't have a skill to share or any business idea,

Keep calm because this is still your lifesaver,


You have unlimited skills and are wondering where and how to share them,

Have a drink because you are home with me,

I am Alex Joseph, I am not different from you, We are both human, I am 5'2 and still stare at the stars at night. Same old habits that gave me a thrill and still do. I love watching the sky, listening to good music, reading great books, taking long walks, writing and photography.

I still can't get enough of chess, rubiks and the gym.

 My hobbies are your hobbies too, and in a way if you and I were in the same room, we'd laugh and talk about a lot.

I have used copywriting as a skill to build a $50k+/Month online business from scratch

and helped over 1,375 people start profitable online businesses.

5 Years ago, I was where you are now. Lost and in the darkest moments of life.

Lost my job yet my family relied on it - it was everything to me.

The turning point was when my friend introduced me to online businesses.

I started transcribing on TranscribeMe

And later tried my hand in academic writing.

7 months later, I started learning copywriting and worked with a mentor who had 17+ years of experience.

Online business changed my life.

For 4 years my family is living off of my online business.

Learning copywriting and starting an online business has made me 5x more than my job would have in 5 years.

Digital Products University is a product of 2,000+ Days of trial, error and investing $1,500/Month on a mentor.

That's why today I want us to work on how you can make at least $500-$6,500/Week in the next 180 days...

- With minimal pressure.

- Simple and affordable tools.

- Free and fair platforms.

- With or without a specific skill.

- Anywhere in the world.

- Regardless of who you are.


#1. eBooks to Cash: The Best Way to Make Money Creating and Selling eBooks Online.

You will learn everything you need to start your eBooks business.

A simple and proven way to substitute your salary or make money from nothing.

You might have come across people selling eBooks and you really wanted to know how they do it,

With at least 1,933 days of writing and selling eBooks Online, you can be sure to get the best information from this guide, I have distilled everything for you.

Let's see,

If you create one $30 eBook;

Sell 5 copies a day,

$30 × 5 = $150/day

Sell 30 copies a week,

$30 × 30 = $900/week

Sell 100 copies a month,

$30 × 100 = $3,000/Month

The above is just an example, the numbers can get better and bigger,

You can agree this is a gamechanger.

You will take the shortest time possible to disect, understand and practice the steps in this,

The best part of it all,

Even if you have never written an eBook, you will be able to write professional and fast selling eBooks with this masterpiece.

Your steal here? You become a master and you can ghostwrite eBooks and even make more money.

#2. Build like this, not like that: The Best Way to Build and Sell 5-star Courses Online.

Your business is not done yet,

You have created eBooks, You are making sales...

Now what next?

Your career becomes limited to eBooks?


You will build your class now, and this masterpiece is the lifesaver you need.

Let's face it, everyone is going online to learn something, Google, udemy, gumroad, payhip, amazon etc.

Why should you be left behind?

Thank technology that all the tools you need are cheap and at your disposal, you and I are lucky together.

There is nothing to lose in this,

Because the best thing about courses, unlike eBooks, they are highly priced and students will pay monthly, that substitutes your 9-5 instantly,

You create a course, price at $1,500,

Have 20 students monthly,

$1,500 × 20 = $30k/month.

Have 50 students monthly,

$1,500 × 50 = $75k/month.

Have 200 students monthly,

$1,500 × 200 = $300k/month

You can see, the above is not fixed because you can always have more students and make more money.

Money aside for a while,

With students, your advantage becomes knowing their problems, problems they never even knew they had,

There is no downside to creating more courses, personally I have seen none except making a lot of money and connections.

Is your business coming together now?

#3. Copywriting Playbook: The Fastest Way to Write Copy That Convert Like Crazy.

Do you know what almost makes you an unstoppable creator?

Knowing exactly what to say, how and when.

Copywriting brings the parts of your puzzle together. You won't write eBooks, create courses or write articles that suck,

You might have heard or read somewhere,

"Copywriting is a lucrative skill."

I know it sounded ambiguous or the usual guru stuff but no...

Copywriting will set you apart from a lot of creators,

Just to remind you, copy grandmasters proved that with the right words for something, you can sell anything,

You see the need for this masterpiece?

You can write your eBooks, Create your courses...

And now you can write words that sell, words that people will read and words that convert followers to customers and customers to fans.

Hold on a second,

You are wondering why I haven't mentioned landing clients, yet?

I believe you want to be a creator more than working for people and if you’re to work, then you will land highly paying clients.

$1,500+ clients.

Highly paying retained and repeat clients because your work is fire.

One way to do that seamlessly without having to work hard for testimonials is building your business,

From ground up,

I have easily landed highly paying clients because they can look at a business I have created from scratch for evidence.

It might seem daunting but you have to learn copy,

And with this masterpiece, you will be among the 5% of copywriters,

You will be armed with the hows and whats of copy,

And what next?

Using this information for your business,

You can bet your life this is leading to freedom, right?

You are wondering...

Have students got results? And yes, they have look at what they are saying...

You can see people are doing it and finding even more than they expected.

And you my friend should be here too,

This is a 90-180 days surefire roadmap to a profitable online business,

You will soon buy me a drink because you will be making more than this said $500 - $6,500/week, from your business,


Because what you and I are creating is a scalable empire,

Who knows maybe you and I will build a hell of a partnership soon, you never know.

It's about you seeing results first, having something to talk about...

Digital Products University has two Versions;

Basic and Signature Version

#1. Basic version.


- eBooks to Cash.

- Build like this not like that.

- Copywriting Playbook.

#2. Signature Version (Most Preferred)


- eBooks to Cash.

- Build like this, not like that.

- Copywriting Playbook.

- 1-on-1 run-through chat with me and help to kick off your creating journey. (Until you hit $1,000+ online)

Select the best version for you below (on Mobile Phone) or on the right-hand side (on PC) then Click the "I WANT THIS" button to get your version instantly. (30 seconds if it takes longer)

31 ratings
  • Three complete no-nonsense eBooks to use in starting and scaling your online business.

  • Three complete no-nonsense eBooks to use in starting and scaling your online business.


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Digital Products University: A Proven way to build a $500 - $6,500/week online business.

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