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50 Minutes Rule : Accomplish more in 50 Minutes than many people do in 5 Weeks.

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50 Minutes Rule : Accomplish more in 50 Minutes than many people do in 5 Weeks.

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1st November 2021

Had 3,000 followers on twitter and a few clients. ($14k/Mo). Felt great but not what I wanted.

I decided to try a system...

50 minutes a day, for 100 days.

Yes, 50 minutes only...


• 50 Minutes on work out

• 50 Minutes on connections

• 50 Minutes on research and documentation

50 minutes for anything...

First 100 days streak...another one and another one (4 of them)

You've built for 400 days, hurrah!

I know it's tiresome to build on your own.

Trial and error...you get it.

You have a dream, a dream to start a business online, build/quit a habit...

And learn anything you fancy.


You have been searching for 1-on-1 help with your online journey.

Welcome to The 50 Minutes Rule where;

• Nothing is gonna be a secret anymore

• No one will take advantage of you anymore

• No more writers' block

• No more pain to create, validate and launch your products.

• You'll build 1,000s of repeat customers

• You won't have to follow shady methods to make money.

• You'll make sales of your product and skill (no forced sales)


I'll drop a quick note to you (daily) as a mentor and a friend.

Together, for 100 days.

How is this?

• Your questions answered

• You have accountability partners

• You are ready to make money anytime and anywhere.

Why 50 Minutes Rule?

Even if you're a complete beginner, you can pick a niche...

It might be;

• Mindset

• Nutrition

• Health

• Writing

• Copywriting

• Fitness

• Productivity

• Personal finance

• Cryptocurrencies

• Investing

• Persuasion

• E-commerce

• Coding

• Dating

• Trading

• Relationships

• Seduction

• Social skills

You name it.

And you and I will count the days together, build a foundation for your business...

And see to it that you're ready for Money.

I have tried and tested what you'll learn for 1,000+ Days...

So you'll only learn what works and be aware of what doesn't.

It's not your fault that some processes are still unclear to you...

You're miss a guide and a friend to hold your hand and help you from the basics.

Basics seem to last forever...but they'll get you where you want.

When you join us 50 Minutes Rule,

You start growing an audience on twitter...

For the past 12 months, I have built an audience of 125,000k (And on the run to 10×) followers on twitter.

And it gets hard sometimes...

If you've tried on your own, then you know how crazy it gets.

You don't have to worry because I've been there and built from scratch. Now you'll do it with me.

In The 50 Minutes Rule, you'll know what to share with your audience,

Over and over; and never lose them.

What about your first digital product?

You're in the right place, you'll have all the help you need to build, validate, launch and sell.

What about your first client?

You won't need to send hundreds of messages without response. You'll become the person who deserves the chance.

And can you make money in your sleep?

Aha! The paradise.

You've built an audience on twitter, then we'll build an email list together.

An email list is what you own and you'll learn the best way around it.

In the 50 Minutes Rule daily note expect;

1. Business Monday

We'll share business tips and ways to maneuver online.

You'll ask direct questions and get answers whenever stuck.

All on Business Monday's Note.

2. Lifeskills Tuesday

The habits day!

If you struggle with any habit, it's reinforced here, on Tuesday.

We count the days together...(1 to 100) and Boom! You got a habit built.

3. Motivation Wednesday

The fuel!

We're on the move.

And Wednesday we fuel our tanks.

4. Sharpness Thursday

School doesn't teach how to manauvre life. We'll learn together every Thursday.

5. The Feel Good Day

A reminder to stay on the move and learn.

You've backed the right horse.

6. Parenting Saturday

Adulting confuses. How you relate with yourself, family and friends determines the quality of your life.

We deal with family on Saturday as we prepare for Sunday. (The best day)

7. Sunday Planner

We plan the week...

Tasks and every target you must hit.

It's the cycle...but...How do you know you're eligible to join 50 Minutes Rule?

This depends on;

• How bad do you want to start an online business?

• How bad do you want an audience?

• How long you've been struggling 9n your own?

And what about your investment?

You'll invest as little as 50 Minutes for 100 days. (Or your preferred time)

You'll work with me every day.

And you receive your first notes immediately


Join ONLY IF you'll commit.


A daily reminder and letter that'll help you build a brand and any habit.


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